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What is The AIR Foundation?

The AIR Foundation is a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to advocate, teach, and deliver tools that promote accessibility as a fundamental human right.

Its first corporate partnership is with Serotek Corporation. The AIR Foundation has an exclusive license in perpetuity to distribute Serotek’s award winning Web 2.0 accessibility tool, System Access To Go (SAToGo) free of charge. It is available to any and every person who wishes to use it whenever they are connected to the Internet. They access it by entering www.satogo.com into their browser.

Its second corporate partnership is with Lenovo.
The AIR Foundation also solicits grants and donations to support its mission which includes worldwide awareness of accessibility as a right. It also will solicit funds to underwrite development of versions of its product offering in languages other than English and consistent with other cultures.

Is the AIR Foundation controlled by Serotek Corporation?

The AIR Foundation is completely separate from Serotek Corporation, with its own board of directors and Executive Director. Serotek is a contributing member of the foundation and other assistive technology companies are invited to be contributing members as well, as are other mainstream technology companies and interested organizations and individuals. The AIR Foundation is open to all.

Are contributions to The AIR Foundation tax deductible?

The AIR Foundation has filed for 501 – (c)3 status with the Internal Revenue Service. If we are granted that status all donations will be fully tax deductible.

What is System Access to Go and how can I get it?

System Access to Go (SAToGo) is the AFB-award-winning web-based version of Serotek's da Vinci award-winning System Access software. It is a complete digital content accessibility tool that functions much like a screen reader. To use SAToGo, open the run dialog on any windows computer by holding down the start menu key and then tapping the letter R on the keyboard. After you release the keys, wait about 2 seconds and type www.satogo.com and follow the audio instructions.

How do I access SAToGo?

To use SAToGo you must be connected to the Internet and your computer must use the Windows operating system, version XP or later. Enter www.satogo.com in your browser and click enter. SAToGo takes over from there. It will tell you each thing you have to do. The first time you use SAToGo you are required to register. Thereafter you need only enter your user name and password. SAToGo will remember your preferences concerning language, speed, voice, etc. SAToGo will remain active as long as you are connected to the Internet for both online and offline applications. When you disconnect from the Internet, SAToGo vanishes from your system and leaves no trace that might compromise other programs or operations.

What are the differences between the free version of SAToGo and the various versions of System Access which are available for purchase from Serotek?

In terms of digital content access, SAToGo and other versions of System Access work identically. They are fundamentally the same software, delivered in a different fashion.

SAToGo runs only when you have an active Internet connection. This means that if your Internet connection is unreliable or if, for any reason, you do not have an Internet connection, you cannot run SAToGo.

Serotek's System Access and System Access Mobile are licensed to operate on one or more standalone computers and (with System Access Mobile) via a U3 enabled USB flash drive which can plug into any compatible computer. The computer need not be connected to the Internet.

There are some features which are only available to those with paid licenses for System Access and/or the System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet). This means that if you are a licensed System Access and/or System Access Mobile Network user these features will also be available to you when you are using SAToGo. But if you do not own System Access, these features are not available. These features include:

  • Ability to install System Access on a U3 smart drive or passkey.
  • Accessible remote control of your home or work computer, which allows a user to interact with a remote machine just as if he or she were sitting at the keyboard of that computer.

What is the System Access Mobile Network and can I access it with SAToGo?

The System Access Mobile Network (SAMNet)is Serotek's renowned Internet community which delivers a wide variety of content. SAMNet includes email, news and entertainment updates, weather information service, hundreds of described video programs, streaming internet radio, blogs, community forums, podcasts, rss, your own personal blog and website, and much, much more. With SAMNet, users can manage their media library, create custom playlists, burn audio CD's, and even transfer content to portable devices such as the Victor Stream or Creative ZenStone.

Use of the System Access Mobile Network requires a paid subscription (included in some System Access Mobile licenses). It is not included in the free SAToGo license. However, if you are a paid subscriber to the System Access Mobile Network, you may log in while using SAToGo and access all the features of SAMNet.

Do I have to register with Serotek in order to use SAToGo?

No. You are offered an opportunity to create an account whenever you access SAToGo, unless you have already established an account. It is not necessary to create an account in order to use System Access to Go, however having an account provides significant convenience. Once your account is created, you can save personal user preferences such as speech rate, pitch, key echo, and various other customizations of System Access. You can access SAToGo with your username and pin number and bypass the registration and preference screens that automatically run if you do not have an account. The information you provide during registration is not used for any other purpose, although you have the option to "opt in" and receive regular notifications of Serotek product updates and new product announcements.

Does The AIR Foundation offer other free accessibility tools?

The AIR Foundation is in the process of reviewing certain open source tools for inclusion in the free accessibility tool kit. The Foundation will accept and make available tools provided by other adaptive technology companies provided they are offered without restriction and at no charge to the user.

How do I become a member of The AIR Foundation?

Please click on the Membership page for all the details.