The AIR Foundation mission is to advocate, teach and deliver tools promoting accessibility to information as a fundamental human right.

The AIR Foundation envisions a time when;

  • No person will be denied access to generally available information due to a sensory limitation, a lack of training or an inability to afford accessibility tools,
  • All computer programs will have built-in accessibility options,
  • All Web pages on the Internet will be 508 compliant,
  • Internet browsers will be fully accessible,
  • Accessibility tools will be intuitive, easy to use and free.

Operating Principles

The AIR Foundation will carry out its mission following these principles:

  • While accessibility is important for all, The AIR Foundation’s initial emphasis will be on making digital information on the Internet available to persons who are blind or experience low vision.
  • The AIR Foundation provides an advanced accessibility tool, System Access To Go to any person connected to the Internet at no charge. The tool operates on most Windows-based computers while the system is connected to the Internet.
  • The AIR Foundation provides additional Internet-based training at no charge for the highly intuitive SAToGo tool.
  • SAToGo was originally provided in English; however, The AIR Foundation will make the tool available in other languages and customized for other cultures with the assistance and funding of responsible government and non-government groups concerned about accessibility.
  • The AIR Foundation seeks accessibility partners including government and non-government agencies; public and private corporations; educational institutions; and individuals. Any and all who share our commitment to delivering on the message that Accessibility Is a Right, are welcome.